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Home-made Guacamole and Chips
Bourbon Barrel Rub Pork Belly with Roasted Golden Yukon Potatoes
Core Brewery Hazelnut Brown Ale



My life changed. With two grandchildren to spoil, my wife “retired” from the kitchen and it was the beginning of my journey learning to cook.

I love to eat, travel and experience new exotic dishes. Adventurous foodie is an apt description and left to fend for myself, I had to learn to cook beyond the manly art of grilling. Inspired by real chefs and friends, and with some help from my wife, I embarked on my journey knife in hand. Thanks to television and the internet I have access to recipes and cooking instruction at the click of a button.

Learning is a trip. Fun beyond belief. Therapeutic in ways and frustrating at times, but extremely rewarding when someone says “darn, that’s good”!
The menu and photo at the top is from 2016. It was my first attempt to cook something I tasted at a favorite restaurant in Louisville, KY. Chef Lee gave me his recipe and some of his secret ingredient for his pork belly rub to take home.. My butcher Adam provided the fresh pork belly, and a small group of friends that shared it had a great time. It was as good as Ed’s if I say so myself. I can follow directions.
That success and encouragement was all I needed to try again and I hope to share my journey and my recipes with you.

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