Apparently a toaster is more difficult to make than a space capsule. It’s not rocket science, it’s much more difficult. With the technology available today it should be easier than ever to make a great one, so why is it so hard find one? Get ready you fledgling M.B.A.’s, here is a can’t miss business model for you!

Kitchen Tools – Mortar and Pestle

Are you tired of crushing herbs and spices all willy-nilly? I was. I mashed peppercorns in a plastic baggie with a meat tenderizer. With a rolling pin on a cutting board. In a bowl with a cocktail muddler. Let’s say those methods were less than optimal and it dawned on me there has to be a better way.

Coffee Maker

I need coffee in the morning. It’s a daily ritual. A little coffee, listen to some tunes while reading the news and preparing for the day. This and banter with friends as they visit the local Starbucks on their way to work each weekday. That gets my motor running.

Kitchen Gadgets – Food Processor

You will want a food processor, sooner rather than later if you make large recipes and cook frequently. Notice I said want, not need. You can grate, slice, dice and chop by hand. In fact, if you are working with small amounts it’s the quickest and easiest way. For the big jobs with large quantities, there’s nothing easier than a food processor.

Kitchen Tools – Knives

My knives are the most important tools in my kitchen. You might believe you need to purchase a large, expensive set of knives. Contrary to the ads from big-box retailers and cooking shows, you don’t need fourteen knives and a storage block. Just a few well chosen knives and a sharpening rod will suffice,