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I need my morning coffee and a great coffee maker is essential. If you’re reading this you know what I’m talking about. Coffee, some tunes, and reading the news. That gets my motor running.

I was happy, until my coffee maker died. It was a natural death from old age, and I missed old faithful terribly. Worse, that model is no longer available so I couldn’t buy a new one. The rise of the single cup coffeemakers means you can’t find a good small one. My options were limited to full size pot. My old machine was simple. Pour in water, add coffee and press the “on” button. Coffee was ready in a few minutes. Two real cups, not too much or too little. Just right.

New machines are not simple. Clocks, timers, water filters, programmable controls, alarms and they still have start buttons.

I narrowed my choices to two brands. My better half vetoed one model because it was, in her words, hideous and refused to let one set on our kitchen counter. So I chose this one made by Wolf. It has all the bells and whistles, and it has fancy red knobs. I like that it also makes an excellent cup of coffee.

Wolf Gourmet Coffee System

The name says it all. Yeah, that’s right, it’snot just a coffee pot, it’s a system, and I found many things to like about it.

  • I love the thermal carafe instead of a hot plate. It maintains temperature for an hour or so which is plenty of time for me to enjoy my two or three cups. Without the hotplate my coffee never gets that burned flavor in the last cup.
  • Surprisingly I like the variable capacity. I can make enough for guests without making a second pot.
  • There’s a clock and timer that tracks how long ago it finished brewing.
  • Manual mode allows it to be used like a traditional drip coffee maker
  • Accu-Brew mode is a programmable system. It allows you to choose the number of cups and brew strength, then it weighs the coffee as you add it and tell you when you have the right amount. No waste.
  • It has a programmable start time for those of you that must wake up to a full coffeepot.
  • The warranty is an industry best 5 years.
  • It (blush) has pretty red knobs.

The final word is Mama likes, and as any husband knows (at least the smart ones) happy wife, happy life!

And just one more thing
Coffee gourmands rave about Black Ivory coffee. It’s expensive at over $1,000 per pound. The marketing tagline for it is “naturally refined”. That means Elephants eat the coffee berries and poop out the beans. Ummm, ummm good!


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