911 Noodles

911 noodles 1

Like the name, 911 noodles are as spicy hot as a five alarm fire. If you love hot and spicy foods as I do, this is right up your alley. Just writing this makes my mouth water for more and sounds like lunch!

The even better news is you can tone this down for your personal taste, reducing or leaving out the uber-hot chili crisp seasoning altogether. Substitute soy sauce, sesame oil, curry paste, fish sauce, harissa or miso for more flavor.

Why the Hurry?

In a rush, or just plain tired after a long day? There aren’t many dishes that come together faster than a bowl of 911 noodles. They take about 5 minutes to cook, drain, season and garnish. Then you’ll wolf them down in only 5 minutes more, so that’s a meal in 10 minutes.

Let’s Make 911 Noodles

Choose your noodles carefully. Most noodles found at the grocery store are fried, but I prefer air-dried. I believe they taste better and have a better “al dente” bite. My favorite is produced by A-SHA, a Taiwanese noodle-maker and supplier to Momofuku. These cost less than $3 per serving that makes this an inexpensive meal.

Hot chili crisp seasoning is also available commercially, but is pricey. Some are $13 for a small 3-4 oz jar. I prefer to make my own for between $1 and $2. You can customize it to your own taste with only a few, or many, many ingredients. You can make this as simple or complex as you like. Get my recipe HERE.

Finally there is the soy sauce and garnish. I like to keep it simple most of the time. Freshly sliced green onion shoots are my favorite with the occasional roasted or sauteed mushrooms for a treat. Add any veggie you like. There is no wrong choice. Print

911 Noodles

Wavy wheat noodles with soy sauce, chili crisp, green onion and roasted mushrooms

  • Author: Tim
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 5
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 1 serving 1x


  • 1 pkg (96 grams) A-SHA flat, wavy air-dried wheat noodles
  • 11/2 TBL chili crisp – get the recipe HERE
  • 1 TBL barrel aged premium soy sauce
  • 1 green onion – sliced – garnish
  • 34 roasted chestnut mushrooms – optional


  1. Boil the noodles per the producers instructions
  2. Turn off the burner and drain the noodles
  3. Add the soy sauce to the warm pot, transfer the noodles back to the pot, toss to coat the noodles
  4. Add the chili crisp to the noodles and toss to coat them equally
  5. Pour the noodles into a bowl and garnish with the green onion, mushrooms and a little more chili crisp on top