La Royal – Cambridge MA


We were lured to La Royal – Cambridge MA by the stellar pedigree of owners Maria Rondeau and JuanMa Calderon. This is their third restaurant, following award winning Celeste and Esmeralda. Maria is an accomplished architect and designed the space to include a stadium kitchen. JuanMa is executive chef and creates the food.

kitchen and bar
La Royal kitchen and eat-in bar

La Royal fits right in with neighbors Harvard and M.I.T., offering a higher education in Peruvian and Chifa cuisine. Chifa is a Peruvian-Chinese fusion using Chinese condiments with Peruvian peppers developed in the 19th century. Chinese immigrants brought to Peru as indentured laborers created it, including chef JuanMa’s great-great grandfather.

Lunch at La Royal – Cambridge MA

puffed corn

Puffed corn and a Margarita Morada, purple corn infused mezcal with lime and sugar.

margarita morada

We loved the anticuchos de cameronen en huacatay, grilled shrimp and pineapple with an amazing black mint sauce. (picture is above in the header).


Another margarita was tempting, but I seized the opportunity to taste a Peruvian beer.

la royal cambridge MA noodles and veggies

Above is Lynda’s Chifa dish Tallarin Saltado de Verduras. Peruvian-Chinese noodles and vegetables.

Pictured below is my Chifa dish Tallarin saltado de Mariscos. Peruvian-Chinese noodles with shrimp, squid and mussels.

la royal cambridge MA noddles and seafood

I shared our delight with chef JuanMa and our regret that we couldn’t taste more of his menu.

Tim and JuanMa