Blue Cheese Ice Cream

blue cheese ice cream

My first taste of blue cheese ice cream was at Harvest in St. Louis, Missouri. The chef-owner was a friend of a friend and we were invited to a private dinner to enjoy chef’s tasting menu.

This magnificent ode to blue cheese was our amuse bouche, but several of our party refused to taste it. The mere concept of cheesy ice cream was too much for them, and it blew their mind. I admit, at the time it sounded pretty radical but I’m an adventurous sort and after all, it was ice cream! My theory is if I don’t like it, I don’t have to eat any more. You know, like Dubya and broccoli.

It only took one bite to know I wanted more and more I had, eating my wife’s portion! Like so many things, it’s not a staple of many menus, so I learned to make it myself.

It’s so good I want to party like it’s 1999. Wait a minute. It was 1999!

Blue Cheese Ice Cream Step By Step

blue cheese

eggs and sugar


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Blue Cheese Ice Cream

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Gorgonzola, sugar, cream and eggs make a heavenly ice cream!

  • Author: TJ


  1. 5 egg yolks
  2. 1/2 cup + 2 TBL granulated sugar
  3. 3 cups + 2 TBL heavy cream
  4. 45 oz gorgonzola cheese – crumbled
  5. Something green for garnish, or a fresh berry or two


  1. Scald the cream (almost boiling) in a small saucepan. You will know when it’s ready if it’s steaming but not bubbling. First bubble, regardless how small, remove from heat.
  2. While cream is heating, separate egg yolks into a mixing bowl, whisk the sugar into the egg yolks a little at a time until well combined
  3. When your cream is ready, slowly stir the egg and sugar mixture into it a little at a time. Remember if the cream is too hot you will curdle your eggs and have to start over.
  4. Stir until it is well incorporated
  5. Raise your heat back to medium while stirring until it coats the back of a spoon (dip the spoon in, then run a finger down the back. If it clings and leaves a clear trail, it’s ready
  6. Crumble your cheese into the custard mix and gently stir until all the cheese is completely melted and well combined. Remember the blue mold will not melt
  7. Taste it and if you want more blue cheese flavor – add more! When it tastes right, transfer to a bowl to cool, then in the fridge to chill
  8. When thoroughly chilled, freeze it in an ice cream maker per the manufacturer’s instructions, then freeze it in your freezer overnight. This ice cream has a very low freeze point and it will take overnight to freeze