Hakkasan – Miami

hakkasan Miami main 3

Original Post 2016, updated April 2024

Hakkasan survived covid, but not entirely unscathed. There are many subtle changes from my previous visit,  one being an edited, smaller menu, but our meal remained stellar. I have updated photos with descriptions and placed significant revisions in italics.

The Restaurant

Hakkasan, located in the legendary Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami beach, takes its name from the Hakka people of Guangdong province. They serve a refined version of Cantonese, one of eight Chinese regional cuisines.

Trekking the labyrinthian passages of the hotel to the dedicated elevator for the restaurant, we exit onto a small landing with muted lighting at the host station. The bar, previously illuminated by calm images of flowing sea current is now dominated by animated, glowing serpent dragons. Click the image below to view the entire video.
hakkasan dragon
My first visit in 2016 was to a dimly lit, almost foreboding dining space. One might imagine entering an opium den, secluded not only from outside scrutiny but also from others within. There are many small partitioned booths with only one or two tables, illuminated by pinpoint lighting. Today it is a little brighter and dinner is accompanied by a lively well curated soundtrack. 

dining table

Our Dinner at Hakkasan – Miami

the hakka

Our most recent visit began with a house cocktail, The Hakka, with vodka, coconut, passion fruit and lychee.

Hakkasan Abalone
My previous visit featured a delicacy of braised abalone with royal trumpet mushrooms.  I can’t find enough superlatives to adequately describe the complexity of flavor. Squid, octopus and escargot each could play a role in it’s description, all swimming in a rich brown broth. Unfortunately, it is missing from the current menu.

dim sum platter

The dim sum platter with an assortment of shrimp, crab, scallops and duck fillings, with chili oil, chili paste and soy sauce.

chili chicken

Szechuan chili chicken and vegetables with a side of spring onion egg fried rice.


hakkasan peking duck

The signature roasted Hakkasan Peking duck with scallions and hoisin sauce on the side. The pinnacle of crispy skin with the juiciest meat is easily the best I have ever tasted.

chocolate fondant dessert
Our ultimate course is a chocolate fondant “lava cake” with toasted marshmallow, vanilla bean ice cream on graham cracker crumble.

Our servers gave us time to savor each course, a short pause between for reflection, then came the next. They emerged from and disappeared ninja like into the shadows so effortlessly we barely noticed.

One final thought

捌 发. The Yin and Yang of Hakkasan, an interconnected story of atmosphere, service and food add up to a greater sum than all the parts.