Lavender Prosecco Cocktail


Lavender Prosecco Cocktail

A lavender prosecco cocktail is the perfect drink for a celebration. A glass of bubbly is de rigueur for festive occasions because it’s both exciting and elegant. Admit it, you feel more sophisticated, suave and debonair when sipping a sparkling cocktail.

The Other Reason

This is a dark little secret. Did you know some people like a cocktail for the buzz? You can pretend otherwise, but Hugh Hefner combined articles and interviews with risque’ photos so men could claim plausible deniability. I see right through that and I understand why you like the bubbly.

Urban legend claims champagne and other carbonated alcoholic beverages give a better and bigger buzz than still wines and cocktails. There is something to that, but the truth lies somewhere in between. There are two components to your buzz, how fast it arrives and how long it lasts. Carbonated alcoholic beverages do deliver the goods faster, because the carbon dioxide quickens entry of alcohol into the bloodstream. The strength and duration of the effect however, is determined by total alcohol intake. An ounce of alcohol is an ounce of alcohol regardless of how it’s delivered.


Lavender crop

Lavender is a light blueish purple flowering plant in the mint family. There are many varieties but English lavender is most common for use in cooking. It has a sweet, aromatic fragrance with citrus overtones. You can make lavender syrup yourself, but why, when it’s readily available from reliable purveyors such as Pink House Alchemy.

  • Author: TJ


  • 1/4 oz lavender syrup
  • 45 oz Prosecco

LP cocktail ingredients


  1. Pour the syrup into a champagne flute or a coupe glass
  2. Pour over the Prosecco to mix
  3. Enjoy!

Lavender Prosecco side Lavender Prosecco top

And just one more thing…

Can you name the RHONY housewife that loves Prosecco? It’s not the skinny girl.