Cotton Candy


Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is a beautiful pink nectar made with blueberries. oranges and kiwi. It’s the first cocktail using my new Porthole from Crucial Design. The gorgeous color surprised me because I expected a much darker infusion, closer to to matching the berries. I couldn’t resist naming it after the iconic carnival treat.

Alternate Spirits

I tested this infusion twice, the first with London dry gin and the second with vodka. The vodka cocktail is more fruit forward because the neutral grain spirit allows the infused flavors to shine. The gin version is heavily influenced by the botanicals used to create the nose and flavor of the gin. While drinkable, an elementary school report card would note that the competing flavors do not play well together.

My tasting panel comments also favored the vodka cocktail which is richly influenced by the fruits and zest. They questioned the alcohol volume because they were so smooth, but smoothness is a virtue. It became apparent after a certain amount of elapsed time that each cocktail contained a generous amount of spirit. It will be our secret how that was determined.

  • Author: TJ
  • Yield: 2 1x


  • 4050 Fresh blueberries
  • 4 slices of peeled kiwi
  • 4 slices of peeled orange
  • Zest of one half orange
  • 7 oz vodka
  • 6 blueberries soaked in simple sugar for two days


  1. Zest, peel and slice the fruits, then arrange as artistically as possible in the Porthole
  2. Assemble the Porthole, add vodka and let it rest for a day
  3. Toggle the Porthole by gently inverting it and return to a standing position
  4. Rest one more day for a total of two days
  5. Chill in a mixing glass with ice
  6. Strain and serve, up, with two or three blueberries on a cocktail pic

Cotton Candy Tall Glass Cotton Candy With Porthole

And just one more thing…

You don’t have to be Michaelangelo to make something look good with a Porthole.