Snap Dragon


Snap Dragon is inspired by the beautiful fuchsia colored flower and the bud of an obscure homeopathic plant. The shape of a snapdragon resembles the snout of a dragon and the bud elicits a memorable reaction.

snapdragon flower

The Garnish


buzz button

The flower of the spilanthes oleracea, also known as a Szechuan or buzz button is our garnish. When chewed briefly your first words will be “oh snap” as it gently numbs your tongue and palate with a slightly salty flavor. Your reaction completes the name of our drink.

The Cocktail

snap dragon 3

The base of our cocktail is a smooth wheated bourbon, enhanced with delicate herbal notes of yellow chartreuse and finished with Mexican fruit punch. The proper way to imbibe begins with a sip followed by chewing the szechuan button. Pause while it electrifies your palate, then begin sipping anew. The delicious fruit punch cocktail will change flavor as the effect of the buzz button gradually fades.

Sharing With Friends

Know your audience is the best advice I can give, because this requires an adventurous sort to really enjoy the experience. Munching the button is not mandatory and anyone can enjoy this fruity cocktail on its own! Print

Snap Dragon

An electrifying experience!

  • Author: Tim


  • 1 oz wheated bourbon
  • 1/4 oz yellow chartreuse
  • 45 oz Mexican fruit ounch
  • 1 szechuan buzz button


  1. Pour the bourbon and yellow chatreuse into a highball glass
  2. Insert a straw (optional) and fill with ice cubes
  3. Pour over and top off with fruit punch and garnish with a buzz button