Christmas Menu

Merry Christmas!

When our family voted for a Christmas menu change, my wife began smiling. As the conversation deepened, discussing the possibilities, her smile broadened. We chose prime rib, because it’s fit for a King and after all, isn’t he the reason for the season?

We agreed mashed potatoes and green beans are perfect sides with a mousse appetizer and pecan pie dessert. Now my wife was truly beaming, because she announced her retirement from Christmas cooking, declaring me in charge.

Have a Merry Christmas – from your friends at Cook Savor Celebrate!

Christmas Menu Image

Christmas Menu

Duck Liver Cognac Mousse with Sesame Water Crackers

Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose’ Champagne

Duck Liver Mousse


I don’t lose a minute sleep over buying the mousse at my grocer. It’s a delicious earthy, minerally flavored pate’ that is the perfect counterpoint to the rose’ champagne we enjoy for holiday toasts!


Standing Prime Rib Roast

En Garde Mount Veeder Napa Valley Cabernet – 2017

Prime Rib Roast Sliced

Did you know all prime rib is not created equal? The name does not guarantee it is cut from genuine prime beef and most grocery cuts are from lesser grades. Order your prime rib from a reputable butcher and specify genuine prime beef, because you want the most tender and well marbled beef available. I don’t know how my butcher does it, but what he provides gets better each year!

Garlic Cream Infused Mashed PotatoesWorld's Best Mashed Potatoes

These modestly named world’s best mashed potatoes contain so much butter it’s shameful. The garlic infused cream turns them into the most heavenly delicious spuds imaginable.!

Roasted Green Bean Bacon Bundles

green bean bundles baked

Green bean bundles provide a bite of delicious color to our dinner plates with a bit of bacon and buttery brown sugar sweetness. They retain a very light crunch to add some texture and complexity.

Orange Infused Pecan Pie

Mandarin Napoleon Grand Cuvee Liqueur Imperiale

Pecan Pie main

My secret pecan pie ingredient is no longer secret and you can find out for yourself how much this light touch adds in flavor. It converts the skeptics into full-fledged fans and pairs beautifully with this tart orange flavored liqueur.