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Classic Martini

Classic Martini

Check it out, June 19th is National Martini Day. What better way to celebrate than with the best!

A classic martini is made with gin, specifically with London Dry Gin. The term London Dry is a quality designation, meaning the base spirit must be equal to or above 96% ABV, or alcohol by volume. Include the requirement that all flavors must be added during the distillation process by using natural plant materials including juniper, then it may be tempered to a lower proof.

Many producers add flavorings after distillation like Hendricks which produces a fine, cucumber flavored gin, but neither they or anyone that adds flavorings post distillation can label theirs as London Dry.

To read more about the real story of the Martini, History and Legends visit my stories page HERE.

The Best Martini

To enjoy the best martini, begin with a crystal cocktail glass that has rested within a freezer until it is ice cold. This will keep your drink cold while you savor each and every drop. Use a London Dry Gin. My favorite is Bombay Sapphire. Complement that with a high quality dry vermouth such as Noilly Pratt. Procure some large Napa Valley olives, stuff them with Kerrigold blue cheese and you’re ready.
  • Author: TJ


  1. Ice cubes
  2. 1/4 oz dry vermouth for rinsing
  3. 1 oz dry vermouth
  4. 21/2 oz gin
  5. Olive on a pic


  1. Stuff your olive with blue cheese
  2. Fill a mixing glass about 1/3 with ice cubes
  3. Add 1/4 oz vermouth and swirl the glass to coat the ice, then strain it out, keeping the seasoned ice
  4. Add 1 oz vermouth
  5. Add 2 – 1/2 oz of gin
  6. Stir slowly to avoid aerating your drink, making 40 revolutions to give it time to mix and chill properly
  7. Let it rest while you spear your olive with a pic
  8. Remove your glass from the freezer
  9. Strain and pour your drink into the frozen cocktail glass
  10. Add the blue cheese olive
  11. Admire and enjoy!

And one more thing

I have to tell you about the Tomolive. It’s a miniature pickled green tomato developed by the University of Arkansas school of agriculture. It is grown and pickled by the Bryant Preserving Company of Alma, Arkansas and marketed under the Old South brand name. If you get a chance to try these for your martini garnish, you should.

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