Juno – Chicago

We were anxiously anticipating our last supper in Chicago, an omakase feast from Chef B.K. Park. Juno, is one of Zagat’s “Hottest Japanese Restaurants in America” and, of 200 sushi restaurants in Chicago, rated best by Chicago Magazine. Now you know why we were excited.

Alinea – Chicago

Alinea in Chicago, in January. With the wind howling off lake Michigan it’s a very cold place, especially so this year. A polar vortex brought freezing temperatures far below normal. Who in their right mind would plan an excursion there in the dead of winter? Well I did, and the great salesman that I am, persuaded three friends to go with me. The lure was an opportunity to dine at Alinea. With amazing, imaginative food and theatre in equal measure, it’s a highly sought ticket.