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Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to share our Thanksgiving menu with you, but first let’s talk about something more important. Here in the river valley 16% of adults and 23% of children and seniors don’t have enough nutritious food. We support Antioch Food Pantry, the River Valley Food Bank, Harvest Time Church outreach and others in their effort to relieve food insecurity. Food insecurity is a problem everywhere and not only during the holidays.

Why is food insecurity so prevalent? The reason is simple. Poverty. The poverty rate in the river valley matches the food insecurity rate.  I know this is uncomfortable to talk about, but we all have to think about the root cause of the problem. The solution to poverty is not so simple. It requires jobs at a living wage for the able and adequate support programs for the disabled and elderly. We sincerely hope that you choose to be a blessing to others and support food pantries in your hometown, year -round.

Thanksgiving Day Menu turkey-23435_640

Thanksgiving Menu

Cheese Ball

Cucumber Jello Salad

Deviled Eggs

Roast Turkey

Cranberry Sauce

Dinner Rolls

Green Beans

Oyster Dressing

Oyster-less Dressing

Rolled Dumplings

Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream

And just one more thing…

Thanksgiving is a perfect metaphor for our website. Sharing with family and friends is why we Cook, Savor, and Celebrate! Let us know what your family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes are!

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