Thanksgiving Menu

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends,

We always think about children, adults and seniors that don’t have enough food. Helping those less fortunate is far more important than our Thanksgiving dinner.

There is no excuse for hunger in the United States and we ask everyone to pitch in to help solve this issue. We support Antioch Food Pantry and others in their effort to relieve hunger. Hunger is a problem everywhere and not only during the holidays.

Why do so many wonder where their next meal is coming from? The reason is simple. Poverty. The poverty rate in our hometown and yours is a national problem.  Many find this uncomfortable to talk about, but we must think about the root cause. The solution to poverty is simple, but not easy to achieve. It requires jobs at a living wage for the able and adequate support programs for the disabled and elderly.

Please choose to be a blessing to others and support food pantries in your hometown, year -round.



Thanksgiving Menu

It’s become a cliche’ within our family, but each year at some point during dinner, I proclaim it’s the best ever. I do this every year. Everyone’s eyes roll and then they laugh, but I can’t help myself. I’m totally sincere as I blurt out my annual declaration in a moment of bliss. In my defense, we enjoy these dishes only once per year and that makes it very special. My anticipation builds throughout the year, ramping up in the fall until I can’t stand it.

It’s here. It’s now, and it will be The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever!

Thanksgiving Day Menu turkey-23435_640

Cream Cheese Ball with Chipped Beef

Cheese Ball with chipped beef

Our cheese ball is a marvel of simplicity that keeps the wolves at bay until dinnertime – along with the deviled eggs. The recipe’s origin was cloaked in mystery until Hercule Poirot-Taylor was on the case.

Deviled Eggs and Cranberry Jelly

Deviled eggs and cranberry jelly

Deviled eggs are served for the pleasure of just a few family members. Thank goodness for them, because they take the pressure off the cheese ball for the rest of us.

Oven Roasted Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey main

What Thanksgiving menu is complete without the main attraction? Juicy, oven-roasted turkey seasoned with cajun butter, lemon, rosemary, wine, salt and pepper is pretty darn good! BTW, the frills are easy to make and I did it myself, Chuck. (inside joke for Razorback fans)

Yeast Dinner Rolls

Green Beans in Buttered Brown Sugar

Unbundled green beans

This is green beans for the masses – and for the Taylors! It’s another excuse for a vegetable that is far superior to any regular greens. and very quick and easy to make.

Oyster Dressing

baked oyster dressing

We prepare dressing with and without oysters to satisfy everyone and yes, it’s extra work. My favorite is Oyster Dressing!

German Rolled Dumplings

finished rolled dumplings

This family recipe is rooted in stick to your ribs German cuisine. It’s hearty and filling as well as extremely tasty. That’s why we save this for our annual Thanksgiving celebration. It’s something we eagerly anticipate each year, and the carbohydrate induced nap!

Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Broccoli Cheese Casserole best pic

This is one of our “vegetables” we serve and because it’s once per year, there are never any leftovers. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s ooey-gooey delicious with liquid gold cheesiness. Hey, if Ronald Reagan can call ketchup a vegetable, I think this qualifies!

Pumpkin Pie with Home Made Whipped Cream

pumpkin pie

In addition to all the usual spices we love our pumpkin pie with dark molasses and rum. Ho, ho, ho. If you didn’t know better you might think we were pirates!

Let us know what your family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes are!