Coffee Maker

I need coffee in the morning. It’s a daily ritual. A little coffee, listen to some tunes while reading the news and preparing for the day. This and banter with friends as they visit the local Starbucks on their way to work each weekday. That gets my motor running.

Tomato Sorbet

One of my favorite chefs is Jose Andres. He, at his D.C. restaurants Minibar and Jaleo introduced me to tapas and tasting menus. While searching for inspiration I found his tomato sorbet. It tastes just like a mouthful of garden fresh tomato right off the vine – with a spicy kick.

Sunshine Salad

Summertime is here and along with it comes outdoor picnics and barbecues! What makes a quick and easy addition to hotdogs and burgers? The answer is sunshine salad with cauliflower and broccoli. Don’t be like President Bush. Eat your broccoli!

Turtle Soup

This story begins in Hardin County, Kentucky near Fort Knox and it ends eating delicious Turtle Soup. I was taught to fish by my grandparents. Many a time we loaded up the Buick with our cane poles, bobbers and bait to head to fishing ponds on my Aunt’s farm property. For an eight year old these trips were marvelous adventures.