Atomix – NYC

Atomix, pronounced counter intuitively as Aa-toe-mix was the unexpected gastronomic thrill of our recent visit to NYC. I knew that Atomix held a recently acquired Michelin star and a 4 star NY Times rating, but they opened barely a year ago without a great deal of fanfare. That anonymity is quickly coming to an end. I told my son, the other restaurants on our agenda will be hard pressed to surpass the dinner we were having at Atomix.


Vichyssoise is a classic French soup. Or is it? The true origin, French or American is a legitimate question. In 1917 Creme Vichyssoise Glacee made its debut on the menu of Chef Louis Diat at the New York Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Monkey Gland

*WARNING* Rated NC-17 Sexual Content
You’ve licked a Fuzzy Navel and had Sex on the Beach. Maybe you asked, Bend Over Shirley or were dying to have a Screaming Orgasm. Then, there is the forbidden desire for a Monkey Gland. All are cocktails with names meant to elicit an emotional response from someone like you, dear reader.