Forbidden Rice

Forbidden rice is an ancient strain that originated 10,000 years ago in a remote China province. Emperors kept it for their own use and the black grains that turn deep royal purple when cooked were forbidden for consumption by their subjects.

Fried Squash

Fried squash is a family heirloom recipe from my late mother-in-law. It’s simplicity is it’s strength. Nothing fancy and only a handful of ingredients. If you could only have squash one way for the rest of your life, this is it.

Baked Beans with Sausage

I jumped into the DeLorean and turned back the clock, waaay back to July 4th, 1975. Fleetwood Mac was hot, Bill Gates and Paul Allen had just founded Microsoft and American troops had just been evacuated during the fall of Saigon.
Against that backdrop, we celebrated Independence Day with a gathering of friends and neighbors. It was the debut of this recipe for baked beans.
It’s on the menu again this 4th of July. Since it’s a celebration of American Independence, pair this with some American beer!

Siberian Pelmeni

Preparing for a trip to Portland, Oregon, I polished up my high school Russian, ready to impress the staff at Kachka where we had reservations. I found no one that spoke the language. Frankly, they had difficulty understanding my Arkanese, Or was it the vodka? Yes, there was vodka.