More Soup For You!

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All our recipes gathered together and dedicated to soup lovers, because this humble meal belongs on stage alongside the most sophisticated cuisine!

Soup Nazi and the International Soup Kitchen

Al Yageneh displayed a menu board with soups of the day and rules for service at his International Soup Kitchen in NYC. Don’t talk, keep moving, have your order ready, have your money ready, move left after ordering and exit immediately. Al, the “Soup Nazi” disciplined non-compliant customers with a bellowing “no soup for you”.

Unlike Al, we embrace a different philosophy and declare loudly, More Soup For You!

Soup Menu A to Z

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African Peanut Butter    Beef Barley   Broccoli Cheese   Butternut Squash    Cheeseburger 

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Chicken Tortilla    Chorizo and Chickpea

Cincinnati Chili    Cream of Asparagus    Cream of Garlic    Creamed Poblano Chili   Cuban Black Bean

English Pea    French Onion    Kentucky Burgoo  Matzo Ball Soup  Manhattan Clam Chowder    Mexican Black Bean

Mulligatawny   Mushroom    Navy Bean    Red Bean   Saffron Crawfish Bisque   Sweet Corn Chowder 

Tomato Bisque   Tomato Caprese Gazpacho

Turtle    Vichyssoise

African Peanut Butter – Peanut butter lovers rejoice!

african peanut butter soup

Roasted chicken with onion, tomato, garlic, sweet potato and chickpeas enveloped in a spicy peanut butter infused stock

Beef Barley – Savory beef and sweet barley make a delicious stick-to-your ribs meal!

beef barley soup

Broccoli Cheese – Comfort food in a bread bowlbroccoli cheese soup

Butternut Squash – Roasting the squash makes the difference!

butternut squash soup

Onions, carrots and oven roasted squash in a cinnamon nutmeg chicken stock, garnished with toasted pumpkin seed and heavy cream

Cheeseburger – A deconstructed burger you will love!

cheeseburger soup

Ground beef with bacon, onion and garlic in a cheesy sour cream broth garnished with mustard, ketchup and sweet relish, served with saltine crackers

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo : New Orleans in a bowl!

chicken and sausage gumbo 2

Chicken Tortilla: When you can’t travel to Mexico, make this!

chicken tortilla soup

Cubed chicken breast in a ancho chili, tomato, onion, black bean and garlic broth, garnished with homemade fried tortilla strips, Mexican queso fresco and avocado

Chorizo and Chickpea: Spanish and delicious!

spanish chorizo and chickpea soup

Spanish chorizo, chickpeas and cabbage in a spicy tomato broth accompanied by crusty bread for sopping up the broth

Cincinnati Chili: Have it five ways, or your way

Three Way Chili

Three way with chili, onions and cheese. Add beans and thin spaghetti for five-way!

Cream of Asparagus: Creamy goodness with the king of vegetables!

asparagus soup 4

Fresh spring asparagus spears in a creamy chicken broth with onion and parmigiana-reggiano cheese garnished with asparagus tips, toasted croutons and a drizzle of heavy cream

Cream of Garlic: AKA Vampire’s kryptonite!

Cream of Garlic Soup main

Seasoned onions and, you guessed it, lots of garlic in chicken stock garnished with fresh thyme

Creamed Poblano Chili: Inspired by James Beard award winning chef, Fernando Olea

creamed poblano soup

Cuban Black Bean: A tribute to the Cuban people

Cuban Black Bean Soup main image

English Pea Soup: Inspired by chef Colby Garrelts in Kansas City

english pea soup 2

French Onion: Discover why this is “almost” Julia Child’s recipe

Almost julia childs french onion soup

Onions in seasoned beef stock, cognac and white wine, topped with french bread and a combination of parmigiana and swiss cheeses baked to perfection

Kentucky Burgoo: Wild game stew thick enough for a spoon to stand in!

kentucky burgoo

Three wild game meats or chicken, pork and beef, a plethora of vegetables and seasonings simmered down to a thick, rich stew, served with cornbread

Manhattan Clam Chowder – James Beard’s Favorite?

manhattan clam chowder

Fresh or canned clams make a wonderful chowder, much lighter than New England style for warm weather.

Matzo Ball Soup: Perfect for that Kosher Fix!

matzo ball soup 1

Mexican Black Bean – Authentic? Delicious, Yes!

mexican black bean soup

Artisanal, authentic spicy chorizo makes all the difference!


Mulligatawny: Spicy aroma will make you ravenous for the flavors!

Mulligatawny soup

Lentils and chickpeas with pulled roasted chicken and traditional spices are a spicy treat.


Mushroom: Earthy, savory goodness in a bowl

mushroom soup

Sauteed cremini and shitaake mushrooms in chicken broth seasoned with merlot, onions, garlic and leeks garnished with freshly cracked black pepper and chives

Navy Bean Soup

Navy beans, onion and ham hock in a well seasoned stock lets the flavor shine. Served in the U.S. Senate dining room daily for more than a century

Red Bean: A happy ending to the pandemic bean shortage

Red Bean Soup bowl

Red beans, pork shoulder, onions and creole seasoning enjoyed with a piece of skillet cornbread will warm your heart and soul

Saffron Crawfish Bisque: Divine inspiration from a master chef

saffron crawfish bisque 2
Lots of crawfish tails, crawfish stock and roux make this special!

Sweet Corn Chowder: Nothing beats fresh summer corn flavor

Corn Chowder

Fresh sweet summer corn, red potatoes, onion and bacon seasoned with nutmeg, paprika, white pepper and heavy cream will delight the corn lover in you

Tomato Bisque: New bisque, great flavor

tomato bisque soup

Modern bisque eschews shellfish stock in exchange for heavy cream and cream cheese with plenty of tomatoes in a combination of vegetable and chicken broth. Try this once with your grilled cheese and you’ll never go back

Tomato Caprese Gazpacho: Tomatoes, Basil and Mozzarella, oh my!

tomato caprese gazpacho 2

Turtle: My homage to New Orleans Creole cuisine

Turtle Soup

Turtle, celery, onions and bell pepper in a tomato beef stock seasoned with Crystal hot sauce and garnished with a sidecar of dry sherry and parsley

Vichyssoise: A French classic, perfect on a hot summer day


Potatoes, leeks, chicken stock and cream combine to make this silky smooth. Serve it chilled with cracked black pepper and chive garnish